Pop-Up Store / West Hollywood, Los Angeles


Directed by Formavivsion, the design of Please Do Not Enter’s “Boutique Ephémère” infuses a downtown Los Angeles twist to the West Hollywood landscape, through a bold graphic, musical and architectural installation.

Formavision's intervention starts with the wrapping of both the entire facade and the two adjacent billboards, with his signature line art in bright pink. One of the billboards features the provocative statement, "Hey B*tch I'm From Downtown", as an affirmation about the blossoming renaissance of the Downtown art and fashion scene, and the geographic origin of Please Do Not Enter.

The installation continues with a multichannel sound installation which the artist composed in collaboration with sound designer Machine Head. The duo transforms the wood ceiling of the boutique into a soundboard, playing a cinematic soundscape inhabited by squeaking planks and flamenco steps. Formavision adds a final touch by bathing the whole interior of the boutique with bright pink LED lighting, offering a vivid impression to both visitors and passersby.

Please Do Not Enter is a one-of-a-kind curated store in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. This unique space features an eclectic array of exclusive timeless contemporary pieces, including contemporary art, design, high fashion, and luxury accessories. Each piece are carefully selected and curated, most pieces are unique or part of small editions. 

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